Terms & Conditions

  1. The service is owned and operated by Vcheck Ltd. ("Us" and "We") The data we provide you is provided to us from various third-party sources. When you use this service you are subject to these terms and conditions ('Terms') and you have agreed to be legally bound by them.
  2. If this is not agreeable to you, then you should not use our service.
  3. You have agreed that you are not involved with the Motor Trade in any capacity. Our service is only for customers who wish to purchase a vehicle for their own private use. If a Member of the Motor Trade uses this site, we offer no guarantee whatsoever for any of the data we provide you. You agree that when using our service you will not use any automated software or system to extract data from Us in any other manner than by receiving our report.
  4. The contract formed by our agreement to fulfil Your request for a data check is between You and Us and is exclusively for Your use only. You may not pass this information to any third parties and if You breach these terms, any third party in possession of data provided by us to You will have no warranty whatsoever. Our data provides You with no indication as to the roadworthiness or general condition of any vehicle you have checked. You have no right to cancel the contract and the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 does not apply. These Terms, together contain the whole terms of the contract between Us and You
Business with You
  1. You have agreed to be unconditionally bound by these Terms
  2. We take reasonable and prudent care to ensure the information supplied to You is accurate. We make absolutely no guarantee that the information we provide to You is correct. We provide You with this data on an "as is" basis and our only representation to you is that it is an accurate copy of the information that has been provided to Us.
  3. We take reasonable steps to ensure our data is updated regularly. You accept and understand that there has to be a reasonable passage of time for Us to process data we receive (e.g. from DVLA, Insurance Companies, the Police etc.) before it is available to You. We aim to present any data we receive within a maximum of 8 working hours.
  4. We have no control over how our third-party providers supply data or the time it may take them to do so. We will provide you with the latest data we have available.
  5. We guarantee to you that the data we provide You will accurately mirror the data held by the third parties from whom we collect and/or receive. This specifically excludes any liability by Us for the accuracy of the data held by third parties upon which we report and we specifically hold no liability for any errors which might exist within that data unless specifically covered by our Data Guarantee
  6. You understand the data we provide You must be used in conjunction with all accepted good and prudent practise when purchasing a motor vehicle and our data should not be relied upon in isolation. You should not make any inference that our data indicates the vehicle has a particular value, save for the data we may provide you as to published data for specific models in pre-classified conditions.
  7. The purchase of a motor vehicle carries risks and our service is just one step you can take to protect yourselves from those who may seek to misrepresent a vehicle or to defraud You. Our data cannot identify a "ringed" or "Cloned" vehicle. These are vehicles that carry an incorrect number plate and/or VIN number. We offer no compensation or guarantee in any regard if the vehicle you purchased was displaying incorrect number plates at the time You purchased data from us.
  8. Stolen Vehicles may only be altered to you if the registration number of the vehicle you have provided to Us has been recorded by the police as being reported stolen
  9. The limit of liability and extent of responsibilities as detailed in these terms apply equally and severally to Us, our directors, employees, agents and/or other representatives.
  10. We do not limit your statutory rights as a consumer by the imposition of these Terms.
  11. We pass to the Police Your details if you seek a report on a vehicle which is flagged by the Police as being reported as stolen and You agree we may do so.
Our Intellectual Property
  1. Any names, product names, titles, software, routines and copyrights used by Us in delivering our service to you are owned by or licensed to Us. You may not copy, reproduce, redistribute, publish, transmit, display, adapt, alter, create derivative works from or otherwise extract or re-utilise any material you may gain access to as a result of using our service except where we specifically authorise you to do so. Unauthorised use may be unlawful.
England, Scotland and Wales (Territory)
  1. Our service is for use by residents of the Territory. If You are not a resident of the Territory You may not use our service. By using our service you represent to Us that your residency complies with our Terms.
  1. Your use of our service and these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts in connection with any dispute between You and Us
  1. Any claims made by You under these Terms or our Additional Guarantee will be determined by a qualified Arbitrator appointed by us at our sole discretion.
Refund policy
  1. A Vehicle Check is a Digital download
  2. Your rights as a consumer
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    • As described by the seller
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